View Giving History

Lighthouse Online Community is a great way to regularly share your blessings with Lighthouse and support Jesus' work through Lighthouse. It's also a great place to connect to the body of Christ online. 

If you have already given to Lighthouse in 2013 a profile will be set-up for you already. You just need to sign in and update your profile. If you signing up for a new profile, we'll ask you a few questions and once your connected you can go in and adjust your profile and add information. You will then be able to

  • Connect with other Lighthouse people.
  • See your current giving record. This record will contain all your giving from the year no matter the source of how you gave.
  • Support the local and global ministries of Lighthouse.
  • Become a regular giver.
  • Securely store your credit card online.
  • Make a yearly pledge to missions.

In the name of Jesus we thank you for your faithfulness in giving!