Happy New Year, 

As the Children's Ministry of Lighthouse we wanted to share some tools that will help your child read the Bible in 2015. As a church, this is one of the most vital practices we can do together. Psalm 119:105 reminds us that “[God's] word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.” Simply said, if we’re not reading our Bibles this year, we’ll be walking in the dark.

Below you will find some different reading plans that are available through YOUVERSION. Lastly, I wanted to make you aware of Bible App for Kids. Just click the link to the left and it will take you to their website. We are excited about walking together this year using God's Word as a "Lamp to our feet."

Read the Bible In A Year for Kids: Get the PDF here!

God Is My Father
Some kids know their earthly dad. Some don’t. But we can all get to know the best Dad…God, our heavenly Father! Read about God’s love, His promises, being adopted by Him, and how you can look like His kid! For Parents: Read this plan with your child. Each week includes four readings, with one weekly game to play for verse memorization. You may want to supervise use of materials.

Kids Can P.R.A.Y.
Kids can pray! What is prayer? Is it asking God to grant all my wishes? Do I have to use fancy words? No way! Prayer is just talking to God whenever you think about Him. You can learn when to pray to God, how to respect Him, and how to listen quietly to Him, too! Get ready to P.R.A.Y. by praising, repenting, asking, and yielding.

Courageous Kids
The Bible is full of examples of amazing people who demonstrated courage. But can a kid live out extraordinary courage in just their ordinary life? This plan includes some kid-friendly videos of some Bible greats and takes us through their stories of courage while also exploring other verses and passages that challenge us to live with courage in our everyday walk with Christ.

Kids Making A Difference
Kids could choose to spend their time a lot of different ways. This plan challenges them to use their lives to make a difference! Our culture sends the message to kids that childhood is all about entertainment, sports, self-indulgence, and really just “taking it easy.” God has bigger plans for His children—even the ones in elementary school!