Prayer Ministries

Prayer is the entry into the Presence of God.  He chose a divinely simple method to have interaction with His people: anyone can do it.  Yet there is greater power through prayer than all the finance, power and intellect of humankind!  He is longing to meet with His people when they meet together, won't you be one of them?
We believe that the ministry of prayer is a necessary part of every believer’s spiritual life; at the present, this includes intercessors, prayer class participants, ministry leaders, pastors and prayer meeting attendees.  We are called as a church to pray… not just as individuals.
As a ministry we are responding to Jesus’ expectation that His people pray together and alone as He did.  It exists to delight and move the Heart of God the Father, who provides for the ministries of Lighthouse as we ask for His will to be done.
If you would like to get involved with our prayer ministry there are many ways to become a part of the “engine” that moves the church. 
The following opportunities exist for prayer:
  • Sunday mornings a group meets in the Auditorium at 7am to pray. 
  • Wednesday Night Prayer at 6:30pm. This takes place during our Wednesday Night Family gathering.
  • As a part of the Lighthouse family you may also join the email prayer chain.  You can email at or call the church office to express your interest. 
  • We offer events and opportunities to pray throughout the year.
Along with these opportunities we have special days of focused prayer, such as the National Day of Prayer, Global Day of Prayer and prayer ministries ranging from focusing on deliverance to children’s prayer.
If you would like more information regarding our Prayer Ministries please contact the church office at 360-452-8909 or email at