Get Involved!

Get Involved!
Your gifts and talents can make an amazing difference in the life of the church and it would be our pleasure to serve alongside you.
Volunteers Matter
At Lighthouse Christian Center, we want to share the Love of Jesus with everyone that walks through our doors. God uses willing-hearted volunteers to make a huge difference in the lives of so many people every year! 
What To Expect
Every role at Lighthouse is different. That's what makes volunteering worth it! You can operate in the area where you feel most gifted or interested. You can always expect there to be a process in place to equip and train you, as well as a desgnated leader who can answer all your questions. 

Join the Volunteer Team
Lighthouse Christian Center is full of dedicated people who sacrifice their time and effort to create a sense of "Welcome Home" for everyone who walks through our doors. We want to invite you to join the friendly and inviting members of our volunteer team! 

If you are looking for more opportunities you may contact a ministry directly, check out our ministries page, or complete the volunteer application
Thank you for Volunteering at Lighthouse Christian Center!