Membership will be held on January 31, 2018.

To become a member of a church is to formally commit oneself to an identifiable, local body of believers who have joined together for specific, divinely ordained purposes of reaching the lost and discipling believers. When a person commits to a local body they can expect many blessings and opportunities that flow from this commitment. 

Lighthouse is a family, adopted by God (Gal 4:6-7; Eph. 1:5). From Him we receive the priviledge to worship Jesus together, serve in His kingdom, and be His children. We care for each other, pray for each other, and serve together.

Guests are always welcome within our household. For those interested in transitioning from guest to family member, the membership process is your opportunity to learn more about us, and our opportunity to get to know you.

The leadership of Lighthouse strives to love and care for it's members well. (Eph.4:11-12; Gal 6:10). In turn, we rely on our members to accomplish our collective work as a church. (Eph.2:10). As an organization, we operate with a minimal staff, budget, and strive to provide ministry opportunities to reach and disciple people of all ages. To accomplish this we trust the Holy Spirit to move through the transformed hearts of our members, mobilizing the collective body of Christ in humble ways to love our city, love our family, and glorify God on His terms.

For membership the call is demanding (Mark 8:34-35)
The opposition is great. (1 Peter 5:8)
But Jesus goes with us. (Matt 28:20)

"For just as we have many members in one body and all the
members do not have the same function, so we, who are many,
are one body in Christ, and individually members one of
another." Romans 12:4-4



  1. Members must confess faith in Jesus Christ as God and Savior (and get baptized if they have not previously done so as a professing Christian.)
  2. Be a faithful attender of Lighthouse for 6 months, agree to the mission and core values, and be willing to serve in ministry.
  3. A willingness to live according to our membership expectations.
  4. Fill out a Membership Application.
  5. Attend our Membership Class.
  6. Affirm the mission, values, and beliefs of Lighthouse by signing a Membership Covenant.
  7. Meet with a pastor and a member of our board.
  8. Attend Leadership 101 when it's offered.


  1. Lifestyle: Members are encouraged to live righteous lives according to Titus 2:1-8,11-14, and 1 Thessalonians 4:1-12.
  2. Cooperative Action: Every member should be in cooperation and willingly submit to the churches bylaws and form of government, policies and procedures, and the Leadership that God has placed in charge of the church.
  3. Financial Support: All members are to support the church with tithes and offerings according to scripture. (Mal. 3:10, 1 Cor, 16:1,2. II Cor. 8:3, II Cor. 9:6-9)
  4. Member Involvement: Members, as a part of the body of Christ, are encouraged to get involved in activities that build up the body of Christ.
    1. Members are encouraged to be in regular attendance.
    2. Members should be willing to support the church in prayer.
    3. Every member should be involved and serving in ministry areas where his/her spiritual gifts can be used to minister to others.