Our Mission

To CONNECT with the Creator by creating an atmosphere that INSPIRES and ENCOURAGES others to be worshippers that worship in SPIRIT and in TRUTH.

Our Purpose

Worship Ministries is allowing the Lord to minister through us by OFFERING up our Praise and Worship to Him; to LEAD the congregation in heart felt and passionate worship that honors God; to STRIVE for excellence in our talents; to operate in a spirit of UNITY; and to EXPAND and ENHANCE the worship experience of the congregation.


As a team, we believe worship is about ENCOUNTERING God. Through worship we come to God with HONESTY, and AUTHENTICITY, desiring to ENGAGE our hearts, minds andWHOLE selves with Him.

Find your FIT on this GROWING team!

For more information contact the main office at 360-452-8909 or
email cking@lighthousepa.org.